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Open Interviews at Zocalo at The Fountains

Zocalo at The Fountains will be holding open interviews at The Fountains location on the below dates: Monday, June 4th: 2-6pm Wednesday, June 6th: 9-1pm These are open interviews, please bring your resume and fill out an application onsite. We are hiring for all positions!

My Summers at Zocalo by Eric

I started working at Zocalo in 2004 when they opened in Midtown. I spent 5 years working for Zocalo before I moved to Albany New York to attend grad school. I was visiting Sacramento one year for a wedding, and to my surprise Zocalo offered me a seasonal job. I’m so thankful to be spending… Read more »

Why I’m looking forward to Summer time by Gabriel

I’m Gabriel, in addition to working at Zocalo I also work at the Elk Grove Police Department Service Center. I write reports and help with citations. I’m also a student at Sac City College, where I am studying Criminal Justice. I graduated from the Police Academy and am hoping to get picked up by someone… Read more »

Healthy Eating at Zocalo By Jose & Erin of S.E.E.D.

Healthy Eating at Zocalo When I think of Zocalo two things come to mind: the heart of Mexico City, MX (where I was born), and my wife’s and my most beloved restaurant-‘Zocalo Sacramento’. Since I am a part of the health industry and I help people lose weight, the difficulty of eating healthy when going… Read more »