The Fresa Margarita and the Blackberry Mojito

We can’t hold it in any more, we just have to tell you..

We added new drinks to our menu.

That’s right, Happy Hour just got a little more interesting. We can’t promise that knowing about these before your friends will make you better than them, but we have a hunch that it might. Just kidding! (Maybe, kinda, not really…)

We want you to be the first to know that our team went to Mexico this spring to visit a few new tequila suppliers and brought back the best of the best to our restaurants. We also added some unbelievably good local wines and craft beers to our Happy Hour Menu.

Oh and one more thing, we added two brand new cocktails. The Fresa Margarita and the Blackberry Mojito.

You’re welcome.

So grab your friends, impress them with your extensive knowledge about our new drink menu- and join us for Happy Hour. (3PM-6PM Every day)